Put Your Strengths to The Test

I have spent my entire life concentrated on my weaknesses. My strengths were never something I would think about except on job interviews. Even then, I had a hard time coming up with what separated me from the other qualified job applicants.

Finding Your Strengths

What are you passionate about doing? Do you know yourself? What can you do without it feeling like a chore? What gives you a genuine feeling? How do you spend your time? Answering these questions will aid you in finding your strengths. 

For me, writing is my gift. Everything that centers around it, I can master with time and some practice. I have a unique way with words. Playing with words is fun, and it’s my favorite game. I don’t think about it, and I can do it without it feeling like a chore.

Plus, every entrepreneurial route I have ever taken has led back to—writing. Whatever I do and wherever I go, this is always going to be my pit-stop.

The Power Behind Positive Thinking

So, how do your strengths tie into positive thinking? And, what is exactly is it, anyway? Positive thinking is the ability to focus on the positive in any situation—you approach both the good and the bad with a renewed mindset.

Having this mentality is a far cry from making light of problems or ignoring your reality. So try not to think about it in that manner. Look at it this way instead; if you can control your mind, your potential to do great things dramatically improves.

With this refreshed perspective, you become more aware of your strengths. And when you know what they are, your potential is limitless.

How Does It Work?

When you notice negative self-talk popping into your mind, kill it. Kill those thoughts immediately with a positive thought.

So, then you might be wondering, what is negative self-talk? They are irrational thoughts that will drag you down and make you feel like you are not good enough. These thoughts can shred you to pieces if you are not careful.

When something negative occurs, begin to think about the good or the learning experience that can come from it. As your negative thoughts decrease, you’ll become more successful. You’ll become more open to viewing life from other viewpoints.

Also, you’ll habitually build a better world around you. And the people in your life and surroundings will start shifting into a more positive atmosphere.

Moreover, being negative is not a very empowering way of going about living life. Negativity can wipe out hours, weeks, and years of your life if you are not careful. It can also drain a lot of your energy and create mental fog.

The Advantages

On the other hand, positive thinking has many advantages and will set the tone for better life experiences. Here are some of the benefits you’ll appreciate with time:

  • It aids with stress management and improves your overall mental health.
  • You’ll smile more because you are in a better mood. Also, your smile will be more genuine.
  • You’ll draw more positive people in your life with your brand-new self-confidence.
  • You’ll make better first impressions. A positive first impression can mean a lot in different situations. Whether personal or business-related, they have a lasting effect throughout your relationships.
  • Your coping skills will improve, especially now that you are experiencing less depression and stress.
  • You’ll start concentrating more on the good things in people, not solely on their faults.
  • Your work life will become more fun, and you’ll appreciate doing more meaningful things.
  • You’ll draw in more positive opportunities into your life.

I hope you get the picture by now of what positive thinking can do for you. There is no downside to having an upbeat attitude all the time. While your negative thoughts won’t go away overnight, they’ll steadily decrease with time and practice.

And as you can see, the good surpasses the bad when your thoughts are in a safe place. Thinking positive is an excellent way to improve your mental health and strength.

Put Your Strengths To The Test

Now that you know your strengths and the power of positive thinking, what are you going to do next? It’s simple, take action.

I want you to put on your boxing gloves and start warming up. One great way to take action is to keep a daily journal of your thoughts. Remember, consistency is the glue that will hold all your efforts together.

For two months, I woke up at 5:00 AM and wrote my thoughts down. The good, the ugly, and everything else in-between share a residence in my notebook. After decades of relying on others for reassurance, I finally got a first-hand look into my thought processes. It was a mixture of what can be considered normal.

I even took it a step further and included every one of my personal strengths in my journal. Before I got started, I wrote them all down on a separate sheet of paper, saving time. But I made a conscious decision to jot down every last one of them. And for the first time in my life, my weaknesses took a backseat.

But, I wouldn’t recommend that you jot down every strength. At least not all in one day. I would encourage you to concentrate on only one of them per day. The reason being, writing down so many of them proved to be very time-consuming and draining.

Because it became time-consuming for a while, it started to feel like a chore. And I often thought about quitting, but I was determined to check this goal off my bucket list. The benefits of a renewed perspective kept me focused.

Journaling was a great exercise to strengthen my mental and physical health. Would I do it again? Yes. What would I do differently? I would focus on one strength a day and aim for six months. 

Overall, I was able to use this method to embrace my strengths. It showed me that nothing was wrong with my uniqueness. God made me unique for a reason, and it is my best asset. I hold so much power in my hands and mind.

Final Thoughts

It took decades for me to get to a place of understanding and appreciation for myself. Everything wrong I could think about myself, I thought about it. I didn’t know I could focus on myself without feeling guilty or selfish. I didn’t understand how unique God made me.

Finally, I was so trapped in my mind with unhealthy thoughts. I spent my time comparing myself to others so much that I didn’t know myself. I wanted to be someone I was not, but I had a hard time pulling myself away from their control.

Worrying about what others thought about me became second nature. I only knew who I thought I was from what others were saying about me. Their ideas of me became my own programmed thoughts.

What are your strengths? What makes you unique? Is positive thinking just a placebo effect? Do you think journaling your thoughts is a good idea?

I hope you’ll stick around to chat in the comments section. If not, drop a like or share this article with your friends and family. Please subscribe for more great articles. Thank you for reading.

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